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Judy Lattimore

Preis / Leistungsverhältnis super !!!

Dieser Preis ist unschlagbar, und das besorgniserregendste Problem von Yijiao ist nicht aufgetreten, und es ist sehr angenehm zu tragen. Zuerst war ich dumm, zu Adidas Nike oder so etwas zu gehen, ein Geschäft, das von einem Freund empfohlen wurde. Wirklich gut.

Cornelius Huxley

Good buy

This looks as good as it feels! One of the most comfortable shoes I have bought in a long time. The extra wide is perfect! I am going to buy another pair once I can decide on a color!! They all look good!!

Leon Swift

Classic kicks

Everything I expected from chunky sneakers. I loved this style years ago (when i was in high school in the 90's) and I love them today. I wear a men's size 13 and have wide feet and they fit like a glove; so much so that I'm trusting their comfort on my wedding day





Great quality and comfortable

I stand/walk on cement 8 hours every day and these boots feel really good. I've only had them for a few days so cannot speak about long term use, but I have no reason to believe that these boots wont last a long time.

Not only as a pair of shoes, better understand the boots

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