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Botas de homem com atacadores chukka

Preço regular $168.00
Preço de venda $168.00 Preço regular $188.00
Imposto incluído.

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Product description

Botas masculinas com cadarço chukka As peças:

O design das botas de caminhada Timberland é inspirado nas batalhas do deserto na década de 1940, buscando envoltura e atributos. Mesmo em ambientes naturais agressivos, as botas Timberland chukka ainda conseguem manter o conforto e a flexibilidade dos passos.
Material da superfície: 16 onças Canvas + Camurça
Material do eixo: 16 onças Canvas + Camurça
Material da caixa do dedo do pé: 16 onças Canvas + Camurça


  • Material de lona composta de 16 onças de camada dupla + couro de camurça, as botas Timberland resistentes ao desgaste, respiráveis e confortáveis
  • Prensado com 4 fileiras de suturas, as botas Timberland chukka são duráveis e adequadas para ambientes agressivos
  • Atualize o design da superfície da fivela do sapato, tornando as botas Timberland marrons mais convenientes de usar
  • Língua integrada à prova de areia dos saltos das botas Timberland, sola de borracha antiderrapante

Após 3 vezes de upgrades de processos, o Timberland Boots Marrom combina perfeitamente com a tecnologia moderna, e é fácil incorporar conforto e moda nos saltos das Botas Timberland, tornando as botas mais adequadas para os cenários da vida moderna, seja no lazer diário ou off -aventura na estrada, pode ser controlada.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 39 reviews
Sidney Howard
Perfect boots

"In the world I see you will stalk Elk through the damp canyon surrounding Rockefeller plaza. You will wear leather clothes that will last you the rest of your life" - Chuck Palahniuk.

They're more than a fashion boot. They are a forever boot. The only pair of boots you ever have to buy.

Or st least that's my review a few weeks out. But I don't see that changing anytime soon.

Una Piers
These are amazing boots.

These are amazing boots. I was on the fence for a while due to the price but I am extremely happy with the purchase. After a few wears they are starting to break in nicely. Expect them to be a little tight width-wise for the first few wears. This is normal and will quickly turn into a very cosy fit.

Lena Russell
love these boots

Was not sure what size to order on an uncle-hector 1911but further research concluded that I must order half size down and I did .I wore size 10 on running boots size 9.5 on iron rangers and they were right.love these boots.

Emmanuel Yonng
Boots with Style

These boots are Beautifully made and should last for many years. If you look closely you will see craftsmanship and attention to detail.This is a boot from the Austrian brand.They are like boots that were made completely by hand over 100 years ago. Fortunately they do not cost like those boots did back in the old days. The price of about $300 is good value, but they could cost well over $500 or $1000 as many handmade boots cost. These boots fit true to size and feel comfortable right from the start, but over time they conform to the shape of your foot for an even better fit. In any way you choose to judge them they are outstanding boots. Most testimonials say that Uncle-Hector's boots are of excellent quality. Since my introduction to Uncle-Hector I have learned the difference between boots and boots that claim to be boots. I did not mention the quality of the leathers used in making Uncle-Hector. They are top quality Canadian calfskin. They are not synthetic leathers. They are more durable than the artificial materials. Quality leather ages well and takes on a patina that the fake leathers don't. Quality leather can get scarred that can add to it's beauty. The cheap stuff will tear often resulting in a ruined pair of boots. I am disposing my inferior boots and replacing them with Uncle-Hector. Most of the throw away boots cost more than the Uncle-Hector. Finally the looks, the style, of the 1911 boots are so eye catching that strangers stop me and said, "Your boots are so beautiful". The Uncle-Hector are classic.

Xavier Elsie

Great boot, comfortable after breakin period. Quality is outstanding, both materials and workmanship. Get em, break em in and enjoy.