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定価 $168.99
販売価格 $168.99 定価 $188.99

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Product description


優れた素材、シンプルなライン、多彩な機能を備えたハイトップ アンクル ブーツは、モダンな美学を満たし、さまざまなストリート アクセサリーと組み合わせることができます。


  • 私たちの靴のサイズ = 通常のブーツのサイズ = 通常のスニーカーのサイズ - 1
  • ヒント:ブーツの内部スペースは通常のスニーカーよりも大きいです
    • 光沢のある上質なフィルムコーティングを施したサイドレザー
    • 日常生活防水、お手入れ簡単
    • 透明なソール、ソフトで耐摩耗性
    • 詳細に注目し、驚きを発見

    ハイトップアンクルブーツのサイズカジュアルレザーブーツプレミアムレザーハイトップアンクルブーツ最高のハイトップアンクルブーツカジュアルレザーブーツのディテールハイトップ アンクル ブーツはモダンな美学と出会う

    Why do new boots need a break-in period?

    Why you have chosen the correct size,but it still doesn't fit the foot.

    Because the uppers of the boots are 100% leather, and the leather is thicker. There may be pressing your instep, this is normal.
    After about 2 weeks of break-in, the upper will change with the shape of your foot and will become softer.

    To know more about boots, please refer to the article

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    Customer Reviews

    Based on 27 reviews
    Nora Kathleen
    Very comfortable

    This is my second pair of these leather boots. These boots are comfortable right out of the box. I wore my previous pair almost everyday of work for 4 years, they finally needed to be replaced. I have had these for a week, and they took about a day to break into being comfortable. The quality is the same as the last pair. I like the quality of the leather and the softer sole. If you walk or stand on hard surfaces the sole is a good cushion. These are not hiking boots, so don’t purchase for that application. These are great shop boots they look good too. These boots would be good for an equipment operator too. I do not get steel toe, as I do not need that. I cannot say what the hard toe version would be like. I would big recommend these and obviously buy them again.

    Noel Macaulay
    Excellent value for money

    Value for money, the price is very close to the people compared to other boots, the quality is also good

    Marsilius Clément
    shiny boots

    The shoes are well made, the leather is shiny and shiny ~ the hand feels very comfortable and very smooth. Also sent extra laces.

    Wanda Helin
    Liebe zum Detail

    Um ehrlich zu sein, ist alles in Bezug auf Textur, Verarbeitung und Verpackung gut gemacht.Der Preis ist auch sehr fair.Die Lederoberfläche ist seidig und bequem.Die Sohle hat ein eingebautes Luftpolster und die Details sind voll.

    Theresa Wild
    Good price

    Immediate comfort. No break in needed. I wear these boots 12 hours a day 5 and 6 days a week as a carpenter. My previous pair of the same boots lasted me 20 months.