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In this day and age, if you order a pair of handmade shoes.

Need to wait 30 days or more. Are you still willing to wait?

Back in 1860, a giant named "Industry" was born, and in the following hundred years, all countries became its followers. It makes production cheaper, it makes travel easier. But at the same time, it is also quietly obliterating people's individuality, homogenization of products, homogenization of food, and iterative updates of various consumer products that seem to be endless.

However, there are still a few people who are stubborn, they believe in the old traditions and the handmade
Unrepeatable, I believe in the warmth that an item has always brought with you. I still have enough patience and confidence to wait for the slow, hard work and warmer works.

If you ask me the significance of the existence of handicrafts, then this is the answer I can give after careful consideration.


An indispensable Classic GOODYEAR WELTED

Goodyear Welted is a unique handcrafted shoe-making process with a high level of craftsmanship. Hector Maden has always insisted on expressing this most classic craftsmanship by hand. Goodyear, including machine Goodyear and handmade Goodyear. The biggest feature is the Welt sewing method. The effect of machine and manual finished shoes is the same, and they can meet the structural requirements of Goodyear. Hector Maden, who has always been obsessed with hand-made, insists that hand-made is hand-made, and machine-made is machine-made. All handmade Goodyear, its dedicated focus, handmade temperature, is the beauty of handwork that cannot be erased.

"WELT" that goes all the way Goodyear Welt Process

Goodyear welt shoe-making process is divided into manual Goodyear and machine Goodyear. In 1872, Andreas Eppler cited the welt sewing process invented by Charles Goodyear to make machinery for sewing Goodyear, and Goodyear was upgraded from hand to machine. Most of the handmade Goodyear we know now are actually machine Goodyear. Hand Goodyear and Machine Goodyear started at about the same time. Over 200 years of history, more manual parts of the original Goodyear have been replaced by machines, bringing more options. Hector Maden does not reject machine manufacturing, but insists on doing manual work first!

The secret to hiding stitches: STITCH DOWN

Stitch Down, an ancient manual shoe sewing method. It is another antique craft in Hector Maden's many classic shoe-making methods! Hector Maden's master craftsmen have mastered all kinds of difficult shoe-making craftsmanship, and naturally also mastered the Stitch Down craftsmanship. The complex and primitive cumbersome is the achievement of a good pair of shoes. StitchDown has a long history, one needle, one hammer and one knock, handmade shoemaking skills have been handed down to this day. Today, when too many classic handicrafts are replaced by machines, we still decide to stick to handicraft.

The symbol of top handmade shoes: NORWEGIAN STITCH

Norwegian Stitch was invented by Italians and is an older hand-made shoe sewing method than Goodyear Stitch. This more than 200-year-old craftsmanship is complicated and cannot be replaced by machines, so that it is only used in the top customized shoes today. There are only a handful of shoe factories in the world that can complete "NORWEGIAN STITCH". Hector Maden challenged the difficult NORWEGIAN STITCH, and continued to improve in order to pay tribute to its status as a master craftsman.

Corridor leather shoes "Wake up" Corridor (SHELLCORDOVAN)

Corridor, called "diamond" in the leather industry, is the two hides on a horse's buttocks. Each piece is about 1-2 feet, the material is limited, and the processing is complicated. At present, there are only a few hundred-year-old shoe factories in the world, which are expensive and extremely difficult to find in the market, so they are quite precious. The production skills of cordonette leather are in a state of fault! So far, the masters who have been engaged in manual footwear production for 20 to 30 years have not necessarily come into contact with them. Corridor leather is more elegant than conventional shoemaking, and there are only a few masters in the world who can "wake up" corrida leather. A shoemaker from Italy in Hector Maden's shoemaking workshop is one of them. When he was young, he followed his master to make leather shoes for the hip, and has more than 50 years of shoemaking experience.

From Indian tribes to this moment MOCCASINS

A way of shoemaking by the North American Indians, the soft leather and the bottom are sewn closed with thick thread. Flexibility, softness and comfort are the key words of moccasin shoes. From ancient hand sewing to the 18th century Marc Brownler's stitching with a press, the moccasins shoemaking technique has a fascinating history and story, and it also gives designers unlimited creation possibilities.

Carving time on leather, three-dimensional art of leather The Beauty of Suspicion--LEATHER CARVING

Leather carving is a carving process using leather as the carving material. Leather carving art is currently mostly used for high-end leather goods customization. Hector Maden regards this secondary creation of leather as an extension of the diversified creative field of enriching handmade leather goods. Create three-dimensional on the plane, engrave time on the leather. Leather carving art combines carving, painting and leather perfectly, which is similar to relief carving. Hector Maden's leather carver is a master of Japanese leather carving(小屋敷 清一), following the ancient method, and the creation of leather carving is purely handmade.

Supply Chain

A Century of Chicago Legends
Horween Leather Company was founded in 1905. After the baptism of time, it already has a number of commendable leather products, including Shell Cordovan, professional football leather, Chromexcel, etc. Shoes, bags, sports goods, and all kinds of clothing and accessories that can use leather. Today, Horween Leather Company, managed by the fourth-generation family, has become the only influential supplier of Shell Cordovan in the world.

Leather that can be "domesticated" - Tochigi leather TOCHIGI Co., Ltd. (栃木レザ一株式会社)

People who love handmade leather goods, especially wallets, belts and other small leather items, are definitely no strangers to the famous Tochigi leather. Tochigi  Co., Ltd 栃木レザ一株式会社 is located in the city of Tochigi, Tochigi Prefecture, Japan. It was founded in 1937. Under the leadership of President Yamamoto (山本昌邦), it has been insisting on tanning leather with the most traditional leather making technology, so that it retains the natural attributes of leather to a great extent. . The leather surface is delicate, moist and elastic, rich in oil, and its simple tanning method leaves unpredictable and endless changes on the leather, which is the beauty of natural simplicity.

Two people's factory--the last "Black Diamond Legend" black stack leather (HIMEJIKUROZAN)

HIMEJIKUROZAN leather is a top-quality leather unique to Japan, with a history of thousands of years. Natural leather artistry, known as the "diamond" in leather. Its leather is solid, wear-resistant, tough, gorgeous, bright and sparkling, which is very consistent with the domineering and majestic style of the generals, so it is favored by the nobles, especially the shoguns, and is regarded as the most advanced leather. During the Warring States Period in Japan, it was only used by a few generals when they were doing head and Armour. It was more appropriate to call it a "artwork" rather than a "luxury".

Craftsmanship--Shinkihikaku Leather SHINKIHIKAKU

As a Japanese leather company, Shinkihikaku Leather integrates the Japanese's meticulousness and "artisan spirit" into leather production, and each piece of leather is fully hand-processed with high-quality oils and dyes, and the production cycle exceeds 9 months. as long as. After 50 years of research and development, it has become one of the few famous leather companies in the world. Shinkihikaku is recognized as the world's top leather. All leather processed by the company comes from the buttocks of horses, and each piece of leather is fully hand-treated with the finest oils and dyes.

Sincere Heart--SANYO Leather 山陽レザ一株式会社 (SANYO)

山陽レザ一株式会社(SANYO) is a famous Leather factory in Japan with a history of more than 100 years. It is the largest leather factory in the entire Kansai region.
The advantages of technology and modern equipment are integrated, and the open-edge beaded leather produced by it is the first in Japan. It is worth mentioning that SANYO is still a very affectionate company.
SANYO, while striving to develop modernization and high technology, they have not forgotten to retain their traditional manual production lines. In addition to the regular group, they also set up a fully manual group to retain the traditional tanning process, insisting on using traditional old-fashioned dye vats. and vegetable tannin tanned leather.

175-year-old "European Veteran" THOMAS WARE&SONS--Horse Rein

Thomas Ware & Sons (TWS) is an old European rein leather factory with a history of 175 years. Its signature leather is the bridle leather first used by European royal families. TWS has a monopoly on all safety harness leather. Now, the TWS reins are no longer exclusive to the royal family, but they are still a rare gem!

RIRI's top snap button COBRAXCOBRAX

It is a brand under the RIRI Group. The main products are snap buttons, I-shaped buttons, nails and other special hardware buttons. Hemers, LV, Prada, Gucci, Alexander MQ, Dunhill, Ermenegildo Zegna and other brands are its clients. Cobrax is currently one of the top hardware button brands. COBRAX was established in Padua, Italy in 1977, and was later acquired by RIRI Group. At present, it is one of the three branches of RIRI Group, focusing on the development of various hardware buttons such as snap buttons. The production base is in Padua, Italy.

Shop Collection

RIRI - the definition of luxury RIRI ZIPPER

RIRI Group was born in Switzerland in 1923, and its brands include Riri, Meras and Cobrax. RIRI is known as "the world's top" zipper brand, and it is also one of the top zippers. Hermes, LouisVuitton, Chanel, Paul Smith, Gucci, Hueo Boss, Prada, Dunhill, Bally, Valentino.
The history of RIRI is also an important part of the history of zipper development. The "Plakozipper" developed by the Swedish Gideon Sundback is considered to be an important milestone in the advent of the zipper. 1913 This design is patented.

Top products from YKK EXCELLA ZIPPER--YKK's top zipper

YKK is currently the world's largest zipper supplier with the strongest market share. EXCELLA is the best quality metal zipper series of YKK.
Hermes, Burberry, Prada and many other first-line brands are its customers. The luxury of the big names lies in the ubiquitous hard standards for quality, including hardware. The part that is often overlooked is the key to reflecting the quality. YKK, which has the status of "world zipper kingdom", has no bargaining chip to compete with zipper brands such as Riri and Lampo in the battle for luxury brands. In this context, the EXCELLA series came into being.

The preferred wire for handmade bags Hermes FILAUCHINOIS

The FILAUCHINOIS twine, chosen by Hermes as the wire of choice for handmade luggage, has a history of more than 150 years and has always been made in France. The hemp thread is made of hemp fiber, three bundles of hemp thread are twisted and soaked in a mixture of high-temperature starch and wax, and then hand-polished and polished by horsehair. The color is rich and bright, and it has excellent wear resistance characteristics, and the texture is strong and shiny.

retro zipper logo-UNIVERSAL ZIPPER

"UNIVERSAL" zipper is a retro series of "OldAmerican" under YKK. This series continues the style retained by UNIVERSAL for hundreds of years to the greatest extent. In the UK market, the Universal LOGO series is rarely seen. Hector Maden, after a comprehensive analysis by YKK headquarters in terms of usage, product style, technology, scale, etc., successfully passed the assessment and obtained the right to use the "OldAmerican" series. More and more brands are starting to use the "OldAmerican" line. Denim brands like Levi's, Lee, Wrangler, and, of course, Hector Maden.