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Moc Toe Suede Chasseur 8173 Boots For Man

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Product description

Moc Toe Suede Chasseur 8173 Boots Parts:

    The evolution from the Canoe Moc series. The moc toe boots layered with vamp and suede create a unique retro fashion style.

    • Classic boots type upgrade
    • Layered vamp with suede
    • Spacious interior space
    • Classic American retro design

    Moc Toe Suede Chasseur 8173 Boots Features:

    1. Satin in the Leather World - Suede Leather
    Suede is a type of leather made from the underside of animal skin with a soft surface and a napped finish. Suede, on the other hand, is smoother, than full-grain leather, which is used to make Crazy Horse Leather. leather manufacturers will just turn the leather hide so that the underside is the outside, giving the appearance of suede but with the same tough and rigid quality of leather.

    2. An indispensable Classic GOODYEAR WELTED
    Goodyear Welted is a unique handcrafted shoe-making process with a high level of craftsmanship. Hector Maden has always insisted on expressing this most classic craftsmanship by hand.

    3. Nitrile cork outsole
    Cork nitrile soles are a perfect blend of sleek and resilient. Compared to a leather sole, cork nitrile will feel like it lasts forever. Leather soles breathe well and are very comfy, don¡¯t get us wrong, but there¡¯s much more resilience and durability with nitrile cork.

    4. Beautiful aged look
    Through continued wear, the leather will develop details all of its own which result in a beautiful aged look that is unique to the wearer.

    5. EVA foam shoe sole with excellent cushioning performance
    EVA is a foam commonly used in the midsoles of sneakers that provides great shock absorption when you walk or run. it¡¯s often considered more comfortable than traditional midsole and outsole materials like cork, leather, and rubber.

    men's moc toe boots
    redwing 8173 boots

    red wing 8173 boots

    Best Moc Toe Boots is Red Wing 8173 Boots?The evolution from the Canoe Moc series. The moc toe boots RedWing 8173 Boots layered vamp and suede create a unique retro fashion style.Classic moc toe 8881 boots Red Wing 8173 Boots Red Wing 2953 Boots type upgrade Layered vamp with suede Spacious interior space Classic American retro design,RedWing 8173 Boots

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    Why do new boots need a break-in period?

    Why you have chosen the correct size,but it still doesn't fit the foot.

    Because the uppers of the boots are 100% leather, and the leather is thicker. There may be pressing your instep, this is normal.
    After about 2 weeks of break-in, the upper will change with the shape of your foot and will become softer.

    To know more about boots, please refer to the article

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    Customer Reviews

    Based on 23 reviews
    Cristian Parolin

    Very soft and light fantastic now I have nothing left but to age them making them even more beautiful

    Thank you for your 5 star review on the classic 8173 boots. I'm glad to hear that you know how to take care of your boots, it shows you are a boots enthusiast. We achieved our goal and let more boots enthusiast know about us! Thank you so much!

    Sophia Chaucer
    Awesome boots

    Very comfortable boots. Nice leather. Very happy with my purchase!!

    Jeoffroi Chesnay
    Sehr Zufrieden

    C'est la troisième paire de chaussures de ce genre que mon fiancé a achetée, et ils ont travaillé dur pendant environ un an avant de faire quelques trous dans le caoutchouc pour laisser l'eau couler pendant l'irrigation (c'est un fermier), donc souvent à travers les champs / fossés. Mais ils ont l'air bien, confortables et bien soutenus. Il les aime!!!

    Bruce David
    Retro boots

    Okay, so I’ve had these boots for a few months now and they’re great straight out of the box. If anything happens I’ll update my review. The biggest con for me are that these boots don’t breathe. I don’t see it being an issue during the winter months, but during the summer my feet are definitely not smelling good after a 8 hour shift. That aside, if you don’t have feet issues these boots will serve their purpose.

    Stuart Banks

    10/10 best boot I've ever bought in the last 20 years- Mucho Gracias Uncle Hector x

    Thanks for the reviews, i'm proud of it.