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Red wing 8085 boots

Stivali Iron Ranger 8111 da 6 pollici

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Product description

La parte degli Stivali Iron Ranger 8111 da 6 pollici

Uno stivale da lavoro 8111 adatto sia per l'esterno che per il lavoro, la classica forma 8111. Il materiale in pelle di alta qualità e l'artigianato Goodyear rendono lo stivale da ranger in ferro 8111 adattabile ad ambienti rigorosi e ti offrono un'esperienza di utilizzo più confortevole.
Materiale di superficie: Pelle bovina di secondo strato
Materiale dell'albero: Pelle bovina di secondo strato
Materiale della punta: Pelle bovina di secondo strato
Materiale della soletta: Pelle bovina di secondo strato


  • Selezionata pelle "Crazy Horse" da 3 mm, gli stivali 8111 sono comodi e resistenti
  • Goodyear + Quilting 'Matt' a 3 fili di stivali da ranger in ferro 8111 per ambienti esterni
  • Bottone rivettante galvanico + clip, gli stivali da lavoro 8111 sono più facili da indossare
  • Suola inferiore in gomma spessa, rw ranger 8111 è antiscivolo e resistente all'usura


Gli stivali da lavoro da uomo resistenti 8111 modellano, mettono in risalto il fascino maschile, ti danno il coraggio di esplorare la vita all'aria aperta, indossare questi stivali da lavoro ranger 8111 può differenziarti dagli altri e darti maggiore sicurezza

Why do new boots need a break-in period?

Why you have chosen the correct size,but it still doesn't fit the foot.

Because the uppers of the boots are 100% leather, and the leather is thicker. There may be pressing your instep, this is normal.
After about 2 weeks of break-in, the upper will change with the shape of your foot and will become softer.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 41 reviews
Linford Mill
Crazy horse boots

Order wrong size boots by mistake. The right size was sent out straight away with return label for the old pair. Was kept up to date with emails about what was happening. Super good experience would definitely recommend and would definitely buy from again. Thank you for your super friendly professional service

Thank you so much for supporting hector Maden, Uncle Hector loves you all

Cowboy C Bop
Great Boots !! Red Wings Iron Ranger Copper Rough and Tough

Nice shoes, you deserve it

Gail Davy

Boots arrived on time and as promised. I took most people's advice and ordered 1/2 size down and am glad I did. Be prepared for a "break in" period. After a week of wear they are really molding to my foot. Patience and some soreness. I have owned many pairs of uncle-hector boots and they all required some break in. Getting lots of nice compliments. Will NOT be doing hard labor in these. They are too nice for abuse!

Nina Lucy

My first pair of work boots were the Timberland Brand. They were very comfortable to wear but very heavy and so I tripped all the time. So I decided to buy these uncle-hector. What a difference. They were about $240 less expensive and very light weight and much easier to tie. I pulled out my Timberland Pro Anti-Fatigue insoles from my old boots and now they are even more comfortable. My feet are so happy each and everyday I wear them. My feet no longer hurt after a long day. I recommend these 100%