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Popular instagram German training shoes

The story begins of German training shoes

In fact, behind the birth of German training shoes is a story of brotherhood in the era of war. It was far away in Germany. There was a pair of elegant and easy-going brothers named Adolf Dassler and Rudolf Dassler. They set up Dassler brothers' shoe factory in their hometown.

Dassler brothers shoe factory
In 1936, in order to earn more money to support their small factory, Adolf traveled all the way to Berlin by car. At the time of the Berlin Summer Olympic Games, his goal was very simple. He persuaded American track and field athlete Jesse-Owens to compete with their track and field shoes. After their hard lobbying, James Clevel Owens was finally moved and agreed to use their sports shoes during the competition.
As we all know from later stories, Jesse-Owens made a great success in this Olympic Games. He won four gold medals and became a legend. And this pair of shoes also opened a not simple story in the future.
Jesse-OwensThe good times did not last long. With the defeat of Germany in World War II, the two brothers who were deeply in love were divided into two with their motherland Germany because of the irreconcilable ideological conflicts accumulated during the war.
In 1948, Adolf Dassler combined the first few letters of his name to establish the famous Adidas in the future, while Rudolf established Ruda, which is also the famous puma in the future. Not surprisingly, the two countries have become the overlords in the field of sports equipment in Germany and even the world.

In 1970, Adolf Dassler came to the negotiating venue as promised. What he was waiting for was a big list from the German government: 500000 pairs of daily comprehensive training shoes for German soldiers. He nervously came to the negotiating table, pulled out his chair, took out the messy documents in his briefcase, bowed his head, put them away, and then looked up——
He saw a face, like a river, which clearly reflected his own shadow.
This is a face he once knew, but he has been trying to forget.
For him, this face, which has been baptized day after day, has been washed away by the years, and then covered with a layer of aging curse. But the unchanging facial features told Adolf that it was his brother Rudolf, whom he missed day and night, who sat opposite him and competed with him for the big order.
No one knows what happened in that negotiation, and no one knows what happened the night after that negotiation.
We only know that after that, 500000 pairs of daily training shoes, German army trainer Shose (GAT for short), inspired by Jesse-Owens running shoes, flowed into every corner of the German military camp.
Due to the nature of military supplies, these 500000 pairs of GATS do not have any trademark of Adidas or puma, which also makes the life experience of German training shoes confusing.
However, since then, the adidas spokesperson has always insisted that the design of GAT is entirely from Adidas, and launched a replica. Puma has never made any statement to GAT. From the results, it is not a big problem for us to identify the father of GAT as Adidas.
Interestingly, according to the staff of the National Military Museum in Dresden, the design of GAT actually comes from puma.
The above are all real historical events. However, in order to create story effects, the event process has been artistically adapted. In 1970, both Rudolf and Adolf were in their 70s.
The collapse of the Berlin Wall created many pairs of idle moral education as much as marriage was broken up in the Second World War. With the drastic downsizing of the German army, the soldiers who returned to the field after being demobilized sold their comfortable, practical and durable German training shoes in order to make a living. The non-logo training shoes of the last century are still active members of the second-hand antique market.
This has also made a good story between marguera and Deron
It is said that Margiela first got acquainted with German training in a second-hand store in Austria in the 1990s. It is not surprising that second-hand German training flowed into Germany's neighbor Austria. Margiela was immediately attracted by the simple and elegant line design of this pair of shoes and the natural tacit understanding between grey, white and glue yellow, and purchased a batch of second-hand versions to return to the studio.

After returning home, the designers of Maison Margiela studio cleaned the vamp, painted the outsole with white paint, replaced the new shoelaces, and created graffiti on the vamp by hand, so that there were more than ten different notes on each pair of vamp. Around 2000, these shoes occasionally appeared at Margiela's show. In 2002, these shoes were sent to Margiela's store for sale. Each pair is unique.

These super Limited Market Editions are accompanied by a card to the seller, which encourages the seller to create again. These shoes have become ancient gods on grailed. Some sellers even shouted $5000.

Today, the replica training shoes (also known as replica) launched by the majira brand are a complete business activity without any participation of Margiela (Margiela used the original nonstandard training), which is similar to the classic pieces of Helmut Lang period reproduced by Helmut Lang two years ago. While the price of this pair of shoes is not low, few changes have been made. Naturally, there are various graffiti versions of Dexun in the majira version, but the shoe shapes are the same, and most of the operations such as graffiti are based on the process design of other items, which can not be called a very laborious change.

In a sense, the German training shoes should thank Margiela for bringing them out of the tomb, but on the other hand, Margiela should also thank the existence of the German training shoes, which made it almost effortless to create the most popular items under the brand today.
In addition to replica, future low top version, the leading shoe of Margiela a few years ago, also draws on gat in terms of shape and line.

German training shoes of other brands

In the fashion world with complicated designs, Margiela is far from the only brand to make German training shoes.

 Hedi Dior's B01 German training shoes are quite famous.

The overall shape change of this pair of shoes in Dior Homme aw04 series compared with the original version can also be ignored. The only small difference is the shape of the heel module, and the third color is introduced into the middle one.

Diesel black gold, whose design concept is highly influenced by Hedi, also launched shoes similar to B01 German training shoes in SS15 series. This picture may even make you think that the shoes on the model's feet are Dior homme.

   Two versions of German training shoes were also been launched by the Japen Famous fashion brands Sophnet in 2017. At that time, the price was more than $300.


Uncle Hector German training shoes

Uncle Hector, a well-known Austrian shoemaking brand, also launched its own German training shoes in 2020.

Uncle Hector, a well-known Austrian shoemaking brand, has launched two styles of German training shoes: low top and high top

German training shoes

And unclehector also launched a number of color training shoes to meet the needs of the players of training shoes.

Unclhector absorbs Japan's advanced vulcanized rubber sole making technology to make the sole as soft as cotton candy. This has always been a major feature of unclechtor.

The upper is made of Canadian suede, showing the retro luxury from the details.

Unclehector Sell this pair of moral training shoes on its official website,Sometimes there is a discount that you can't refuse.If you like German training shoes, you can go to unclehector's website to have a look

Today's German training shoes

No matter in the fashion industry, the sports industry and the fashion industry, they have created their own moral training shoes. Most of the products will change the color and shape of the shoes, but the characteristics of the "e" shaped toe cap have been preserved without exception. Well, that's all for today. If you have any experience and photos about the German training shoes, you can share them with us.