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1984 sneakers
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C-Class Retro Sneakers For Men "OLYMPISM 1984"

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1984 sneakers

C-Class Retro Sneakers For Men "OLYMPISM 1984"

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Step into History: C-Class Retro Sneakers for Men - OLYMPISM 1984

Are you searching for a timeless pair of vintage sneakers for men? Look no further than our C-Class Retro Sneakers, inspired by the classic sports shoes from the 1984 Los Angeles Olympics. These low-top sneakers carry the retro style of the era, while the addition of the champion olive leaf element makes them unique and significant to the times.

Crafted with Hector Maden's design team's philosophy of "returning to the origin and reshaping the classics," these sneakers embody the essence of vintage. Finding inspiration in history and leading trends, these sneakers are a true work of art.

The 1984 Los Angeles Olympics was a momentous occasion, embodying the spirit of sportsmanship and the convergence of sports and streetwear fashion. These sneakers pay tribute to that era, offering a timeless piece of history.

These sneakers are highly regarded in the retro shoe, streetwear, and sneaker design communities. True fashion lies not only in the logo on the shoe but in the representation of a piece of history. These sneakers are more than just a fashion statement; they are a piece of history and an investment in style.

Featuring advanced technology, the EVA midsole cushioning combines soft foam with a durable yellow rubber rim for all-day support. The lightweight upper ensures breathability, and the foam-cushioned heel provides a cloud-like feel. The rubber outsole is designed to last wear after wear, making these sneakers a comfortable and durable choice.

Upgrade your style game with this versatile and stylish pair of men's low-top sneakers that can adapt to various use scenarios of modern life, sports, leisure, clothing matching, and more. These sneakers are not just a statement piece; they are a true investment in style and history.

C-Class Retro Sneakers For Men "OLYMPISM 1984" Features

  1. Iconic Style: Our C-Class Retro Sneakers for Men, called "OLYMPISM 1984," perfectly blend retro and modern design elements. The signature silhouette of the '80s is a must-have in any shoe closet.

  2. High-Tech: Don't let the retro look fool you. These sneakers are built with advanced technology to ensure long-term wearability. The EVA midsole cushioning combines soft foam with a durable yellow rubber rim for all-day support.

  3. Comfortable Construction: We crafted these sneakers with your comfort in mind. They feature a lightweight upper for breathability and a foam-cushioned heel for a cloud-like feel. The rubber outsole is designed to last wear after wear.

  4. Hector Maden Heritage: These retro sneakers boast the same craftsmanship that made Hector Maden a street style favorite. They feature a yellow rubber sole and the logo of the 1984 Olympic Games, giving them a unique, nostalgic feel.

  5. Versatile: Our "OLYMPISM 1984" sneakers can be worn with anything from jeans and a tee to sweats and a tank. Add a sporty touch to your dressed-up looks or show off your style when you're looking laid-back.

Upgrade Your Style Game with C-Class Retro Sneakers for Men inspired by 1984 Los Angeles Olympics. Experience the true essence of vintage with advanced technology and comfortable construction. Shop now and step back in time with Hector Maden's unique, nostalgic design.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 36 reviews

Love love love these shoes! The quality is great, and they are so comfy.

Abraham Kaunda EGPS
Simply Exceptional: Probably the Best Pair of Shoes I’ve Ever Owned

These shoes exude class and sophistication—I absolutely love them! They effortlessly complement any outfit, even my casual sweatpants. Their versatility and sleek design make them a standout addition to my wardrobe. The team ensured the perfect fit by reaching out for size verification, which was greatly appreciated.

Now, they’re my go-to for everyday wear, and I find them incredibly comfortable, especially for driving around. Although shipping to London took a bit longer due to being out of stock, the wait was absolutely worth it.


Excellent quality and design!

Joost Van Velzen

Very nice shoes and comfortabel! Original design!!

Cliff Eipstein

I was looking for a comfortable shoe to replace some old Adidas and decided on these. They are fit to snug, so wearing them with a thinner sock makes for a comfortable fit. Let's see how long they will last..